Services for e-shops

1.) Outsourcing services for webshops in Slovakia and Hungary

If   you   run   a   web   shop   in      your   country   and   you   consider   expanding   further   to   the   Hungarian   or   Slovak market,   it´s   unnecessary   to   hire   employees   in   order   to   provide   customer   support   or   to   handle      the orders   and   the   expedition   of   goods   to   the   final   customers.   You   can      use   our   services   in   this   area   directly in   Hungary   or   Slovakia.   We   can   provide   for   the   entire   operation   of   your   online   shop   as   well   as   provide customer   support.      If   necessary   we   can   also   provide   logistics—processing   received   orders   from   the   web shop,   packaging,   the   expedition   of   goods.      Our   services   can   be   used   as   a   whole   or   particular   services can be provided individually. Description of the complete operation of the web shop using outsourcing: Individual services: Customer   support:       answering   e-mails   and   phone   calls,   administration   or   forwarding   the   customer´s communication   to   the   supplier   (including      translation   services),   dealing   with   complaints   according   to the   supplier´s   instructions.      Within   the   realm   of   this   service,   we   provide   a   customer   helpline   with Hungarian   speaking   operators   (bilingual).   Scanning   of      documents:   business   documents,   out-going letters and received correspondence, translation and forwarding of e-mails. Logistics:    operation   of   the   warehouse,   processing   the   orders   received   from   the   web   shop,   subsequent packaging   and   expedition   of   the   goods   to   the   purchasers   (postal   service,   courier   or   personal   collection).     If   you   own   a   company   which   is   registered   in   Hungary,   we   can   issue   invoices   for   the   purchasers   if necessary   in   accordance   with   regulations.   The   invoices   can   be   attached   to   the   delivered   goods   together with promotional material.  Company   in   Slovakia:       in   case   you   decide   to   enter   the   Slovak   market   with   your   own   company,   you   are welcome to use our corporate services. More detailed information: click here   Company   in   Hungary:       in   case   you   decide   to   enter   the   Hungarian   market   with   your   own   company,   you are welcome to use our corporate services. More detailed information: click here   Prices   of   the   services:   Taking   the   complexity   and   variability   of   our   customers´   requirements   into consideration, services are always priced individually. 

2.) Services for webshops operators in Slovakia

In   case   you   are   interested   in   operating   a   webshop   in   Slovakia,   we   provide   juridical   and   other   services according   to   which   a   webshop   should   be   operated   in   line   with   the   Slovak   legislative.   Our   lawyers prepare   the   general   commercial   terms   as   well   as   the   conditions   of   shipping   and   claims.      Along   these terms,   all   of   the   required   documents   will   be   prepared   in   line   with   the   European   and   Slovak   laws   of protection   of   personal   data,   as   well   as   the   conformity   of   the   personal   data   in   the   IT   system.   The webshop    will    be    registered    at    the    authorities    as    well    as    an    waste-management    directive    will    be prepared for the client.

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